The mission of Georgian National University SEU

Georgian National University SEU's mission is to create an internationally standard-compliant university environment that by combining strong theoretical, practical, and research components in a study process and through internationalization strategy, it will prepare competent professionals in national and international markets. SEU provides a multi-faceted development of personality and forming socially responsible professional with general values.

SEU in search of accomplishing its mission will provide students with:

Academic independence Freedom of choice and opportunities Developing critical thinking Realizing the sense of responsibility for the results of self actions Encourage success Support of elicitation of student's personal capabilities and development.

Educational Service in SEU is oriented on:

  • Challenges of modern knowledge in correspondence with modern demands.
  •  Advantageous conditions for disabilities 
  •  Encouragement of students’ and faculty mobility 
  •  Collaboration with Georgian and foreign higher institutions 
  •  Providing graduates with further perspectives on national and international levels

The University leads studies on faculties of business administration, social sciences, medicine, law and educational management