Academic Registration and Choosing the course

A student is authorized to choose courses, the lecturers and academic time within the educational program and the academic calender.
In search of thorough transparency of choice a student can get to know the program and /or compulsory/optional/free courses on the individual web page of teaching process management.

The concetration and minor programs work in an analogous way.
In the period of academic registration a student can change his choice , a course, a lecturer, time and a goup. The prerequisites of applying is having a vacancy in the corresponding group ( in case of reaching the group limit the registration of new students in the corresponding group does not take place)

After finishing the registration period if the course is ceased the paid fee is not refunded
After the registration period students who are late cn register only in those groups nd subjects where the vacancy is available.
Choosing and registration on the courses , concentrations and minor programs are managed via the teaching process management electronic system.