Ceasing a Student’s Status

Foundation for ceasing a student’s status is a following:

  • Student’s personal application;
  • Finishing the corresponding educational program; 
  • Moving to another higher educational institution through mobility
  • 5 year period after a ceasing a student’s status. 
  • Breaking the grounds of SEU code of ethic and/ or internal regulation

A student’s status is ceased after the rector’s command which is delivered to the student. In this case if ceasing the status is caused by breaking of SEU ethics or the existing code .

A student is plenipotentiary in discussion of the issues, express his opinion in written or oral form. Distribute the additional information to the university /use the right of silence under the existing legislation.
The decision about ceasing the student’s status will be delivered to the student .After ceasing the status on the ground of the rector’s command all kinds of jural relationship between the student and the university is also ceased.
A student is authorized to appeal the decision at the court via the remedial legislation with set rules and period.

A student’s status ceasing deadline arrives in 12 days after the releasing the corresponding command . Within the deadline a student is authorized to renew the status through the mobility in the other educational institution.
In 12 months after ceasing a student’s status its renewal is possible only through the legislation after the new enrollment.