The program aims to educate professionals, with a broad range of theoretical and practical skills of analyzing processes in various business and economic environment, and the ability to deliver this knowledge into practical work, through the achievement the level expected for bachelor, to be competitive in the national and international labour markets

Program objectives:

  • Students will acquire a fundamental theoretical knowledge in the field of business administration, that gives a student opportunity to realize the following main functions of management process: planning, organizing, leading and controlling; 
  • Students will analyze the basic methods related to the effectively use of financial, material and human resources.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate, analyze and interpret information to make reasoned business decisions.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of how organizations are affected by globalization. 
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to collaborate as a team and achieve a common objective. 
  • Students will have the values based on professional ethics and moral norms that rise either individual or social sense of responsibility.

Program is oriented to give student theoretical knowledge in the principles of business, management, marketing and finance, as well as straighten business communication and independent work skills. The program ensueres to give student the ability to develop competences to logically analyse and evaluate business processes, straighten logical thinking, problem-solving, group and independent working abilities. The challenge of the program is to acknowledge student to fundamental ethical principles of business and managerial decision making.
Practice oriented courses and projects give student possibility to develop interpersonal communications, professional discussion, project management and time management skills, and to be involved in the analysis of real business processes, which are the necessary prerequisite of development of well-educated and socially responsible professional of the respective field.

The program is responsible to generate entrepreneurship skills in order to help students organize develop and fulfill business ideas in a competitive business environment.