Program study courses, considering content, study and teaching methods and credit load ensure achievement of study outcomes. Consistent and comprehensive implementation of the objectives of the Bachelor academic program provides achievement of the learning outcomes in accordance with the qualification descriptor, which is equivalent to the level of competence of the first level of Higher Education
The program study outcomes consider not only collection of basic theoretial knowledge, but elaboration of practical skills and important ethic values and dependence.
Graduates of the program are provided with competitiveness on the next step of education and labor market
Aftar completions of the educational program, future perspective of the graduates considers: continuation of studies in MA/MBA programs, independent work in basic level management


After completion the programs compulsory modules undergraduate will have essential theoretical and practical knowledge of Business, Economics, Math, Management, Marketing and Finance, which includes knowledge of theories and competence critical analysis of principles, in particular:


  • Knowledge of principles of Micro and Macroecomics
  • Knowledge about international global business environment
  • Knowledge of Business terminology, methods, principles, theories and the acknowledgment of processes in modern global business field
  • Knowledge of basic concepts and theories related to management process (planning, organizing, leading and controlling);
  • knowledge of math and statistical concepts;
  • Acquisition of the basic methods related to the effectively use of financial, material and human resources;
  • Knowledge of English composition; 
  • Understanding of basic methods related to the effectively use of financial, material and human resources.
  • Knowledge of business analysis through implementation of quantitative and statistical methodology
  • Acknowledgement of structure of business environment and the interconnection between its respective substructures 
  • Knowledge of various spheres of business administration– operations, human resourses, project management, marketing and sales, finance and accounting and acknolegment of their interconnections
  • Knowledge of international financial and taxation systems,acknowledgment of their functions and importance
  • Knowlegde of basic conceptions of management, acknowledgement of forming the managerial vision 
  • Acknowledgement of modern tendencies of global international business 
  • Acknowledgement of role of effective communication in business and customer relations, 
  • Knowledge academic writing principles, principles and standarts for preparing small research project using the subject related methodology


  • Student is able to:
  • To organize, develop and fulfill a certain business plan;
  • Conduct marketing research of a targeted market; 
  • Solve a specific managerial problems faced by an organization;
  • Conduct statistical research;
  • Make decisions about both day-to-day operations and long-term tactics and strategies. 
  • Use and choose methods and tools for analysis of business environment, elaborate projects for small business 
  • Identify the managerial problem of organization or business structure and to solve in by his own competence under the supervision
  • Use respective methodology for business risk analysis and to solve risk management problems
  • Identify the financial problem of organization and solve it in practice 
  • Use of electronic sheets to analyse financial results, by the prescribed assignment
  • Provide financial analysis of a company, using the prescribed tools
  • Adapt in a changing environment and participate I a group working and decision making process
  • Analyze and conclude data gathered through research
  • Be competent in a changing environment


Student is able to:

  • Gather and interpret managerial data using tools such as SWOT analysis
  • Ability to evaluate the situation using various methodology 
  • Identify managerial problem, formalize the results and make conclusions based on modern managerial practice 
  • Gather and interpret financial data 
  • Analise and interpret statistical data 
  • Analyze a competitive business environment;
  • Make a formulated conclusion based on case studies;
  • Make and argumentize conlusions, analyse alternatives and choose an optimal acting strategy 


Student is able to

  • Ability to communicate in English with specialists or non-experts in this field and develop determinations of the issues or discuss possible solutions related to raised problems;
  • Application of modern informational-communication technologies;
  • Ability to prepare and demonstrate detailed written reports on ideas according to qualification, existing problems and their solutions.
  • Communicate in oral or written form with the correct use of subject terminology and professional ethics
  • Communicate within the working group
  • Effectively participate in discussions and verbal presentation
  • Prepare documents, reports and analytical data
  • Participate in profession discussion and debates
  • Prepare the subject related essay with accordance to standards provided
  • Communicate with the colleagues 
  • Communication for receiving written consents 
  • Written communication 
  • Communication during the conflicts 
  • Effective communication with any individual, regardless cultural, religious beliefs and social or ethnic origins and background.
  • Effectively use information and information technologies


Student is able to highly effective communicate both with professionals and non-professionals in English and demonstrate the subsequent competences in language proficiency
Listening: Can understand / perceive and correct replication of the large volume texts and expressions of business topics; to understand the general direction of the conversation; Understanding the separate replays of the conversation; Understanding the essence of the report;
Reading: Can read the original (business related) texts, business letters, announcements, newspaper articles and learn basic content; To provide the necessary information.
Speaking: Can briefly convey facts about real events; summarize the content of the article; make a tangible conclusion of events; express an opinion; characterize the situation.
Writing: Can make business letters in accordance with the rules of writing; Has the ability to write business situations in writing and interpret their description in writing in English;


Student is able to:

  • Make independent decisions of further learning necessities in Business and management and to define the direction of further studies
  • Independently work with literature and scientific databases to broad knowledge
  • Objectively evaluate own learning process 
  • Work with professional literature and other sources, gather and interpret materials 
  • Ability for follow up with freshly developed methods and technological news in direction of management and constant update of knowledge;
  • Ability to broaden interests and study the outstanding issues through application of various theoretical sources in the aforementioned field;
  • Be prepered for self learning and acknowledge the importance of life long learning


Student is expected to develop the values of:

  • Acknowledgment of general and specific valuer of the modern business organization
  • Willingness to participate in the establishment of modern values during professional activities and in social activities in a whole
  • Understand professional values in the field of management;
  • Develop sense of responsibility related to professional ethics and moral norms.
  • Acknowledgment the social, legal and civic responcibilities ob business


Teamwork skills - Program graduates have the ability to work in a team, as ordinary members of the team, and they also have the ability to be leaders; they can formulate objectives clearly, reach agreements within the team, can coordinate their activities and assess the skills and abilities adequately, and are able to manage emergency situations and conflicts.
The ability to adapt to a new environment - Graduates have practical working skills in a professional setting, professional subordination / adaptation ability, the ability to learn new technologies.
Ability to work independently - Graduates have time management skills, can meet deadlines and work in cooperation; can organize their work-related resources accordingly; plan properly the resources associated with the activities; are responsible for the performed work and able to assess and criticize it.
Ability of life-long learning - can fully use study resources in consequence, can manage one’s own learning process. Understands the importance of life-long learning. Is an independent learner. Understands and specifics of the learning process. Is able to develop a successful strategic plan for learning.
Ability using information and communication technologies - possesses and uses modern information and communication technologies. Can obtain information, can use multimedia and electronic interactive programs including subject field. Can master new information technologies independently, have knowledge of computer and office programs; can search for new sources of information. Can store information and communicate in electronic format.