Aim of the program

Medical education and improvement of health care quality is the issue of big importance in every country. Ecology changes and technology development caused changeability of various diseases and created new pathology’s and syndromes - which requires deep knowledge and high qualification of medical doctors. Prerequisite of successful medical activity is the quality basic medical education, share of international experience and internationalization.

Aim of the program is to prepare internationally competitive and qualified Medical Doctor. The program provides development of such practical / clinical abilities and way of thinking which is essential for the successful professional activity and post diploma life long education.

Objectives of the program:

  • Is to give world widely acknowledged basic, modern scientific and medical technology knowledge;
  • To generate motivation and professional abilities during the Life Long Learning – (LLL);
  • Is to give international standard education of evidence based medicine which is inevitable for practical medical work;
  • Is to acquire clinical and communication skills;
  • Is acquirement of doctor profession related ethic values;

Basic and clinical study courses of the program and scientific-research and practical components, give competence of international medical standard to the students and can be competitive internal and external labor and educational market.