Rector is SEU’s highest academic and administrative authority, who represents SEU in academic and research fields in and outside the country.


University Rector is authorized to conclude agreements on behalf of SEU, define the Strategy of University’s Activities, define University Structure and delegate certain functions to structural units.


University Rector has the following responsibilities:

  • Is the Chairman of SEU Academic Council, calls on and leads the Sessions of Academic Council and signs the decisions made by the Academic Council;
  • Ensures protection of SEU's educational interests within the framework of its activities, guided by educational, civil and other applicable laws;
  • Approves the SEU structure and its reorganization submitted by the Head of Administration;
  • Appoints and dismisses academic, administrative and support staff, signing labor agreements with them in accordance with the Labor Code of Georgia;
  • Issues orders which are mandatory for SEU administrative, academic, support personnel and students;
  • Is authorized to define the amount of the tuition fees for each academic year;
  • Together with the Academic Council, define the main directions of SEU activity;
  • Signs the document confirming the granting of the qualification - diploma.