International Scientific Practical Conference SEU 2018


Georgian National University SEU

Biannual International Scientific Practical Conference SEU ISC 2018


Conference sections:

  1. Business and Economics
  2. Tourism
  3. Law
  4. Social sciences
  5. Arts, Education  and Humanitarian Sciences
  6. Health care/Medicine
  7. Mathematics and Nature Sciences

The International Scientific Practical Conference will be held in the campus of Georgian National University SEU, 9 Tsinandali Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Timeframe of the conference: May 2018

The academic staff of higher education institutions, researchers and doctoral students can participate in the conference.

Working languages are: Georgian and English.

Conference participants can attend the conference, participate online or involve in scientific publication format only.

Abstracts of the conference papers will be published.

Participation in the conference (except travel expenses) is funded by the Georgian National University SEU.




The registration for the conference (registration of the participants and submission of the article) is held till april 10, 2018.

The final version of the conference paper should be submitted no later than April 10, 2018.

Applicant Registration Form

Conference Work Performance Standards

Conference papers will be accepted through the email: